Tips  for increasing your metabolic rate

Remember to think of carbs as fuel for activities and protein as repairing damage to the muscles:

Protein foods increase metabolic rate by 30% (fats by 4% and carbs by 6%)

> Increase Vitamin B intake (fish, shellfish, soy, fortified cereals, red meat, low fat dairy, cheese and eggs)
> Never miss breakfast
> Eat every 2-4 hours (aim for 3 meals and 5 snacks)
> Eat protein before bed (oxo cube sized piece of Chicken, Tuna or Cottage Cheese)
> Do not microwave in plastic containers as it produces aluminium = slower metabolism
> VARIETY!!! Shock the metabolism with a variety of food types
> Chew each bite of food 10-20 times, give your brain a chance to realise you're full
> EXERCISE, we've got this one covered!!


and to flush some nasty's out of the system:
> drink lemon water 1st thing in the morning
> drink 6-8 cups of water per day (+ exercise allowance)
> have a hot drink before breakfast (lemon water), lunch and evening meal to kick start metabolism
> switch coffee and tea for green and nettle tea
> reduce caffeine intake (tea has virtually the same caffeine levels as coffee)
> avoid alcohol
> drink water every 2 hours
> add grapefruit and sweet potatoes to diet

and one everyone likes sit with your feet up for 20-40mins per day!

Try adding these tips to the general principles on when to eat your carbs and proteins.

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