Thai-Bo Instructor Course


Introducing Thai - Bo a dynamic blend of Thai-Kickboxing, Tae Kwon Do and aerobics  incorporating kicks, punches, knees, elbows and blocks with padwork, circuit training and martial arts based aerobic techniques in a highly motivated and fun-packed aerobic work-out.
Thai-Bo is a complete body workout.  A short warm up and stretching leads on to the martial arts based aerobic routine for stamina, fitness and coordination.
 Padwork follows which helps increase power and balance and encourages technique development.
 Next is the Thai-Bo circuit, which provides a burst of cardiovascular activity with emphasis on speed.
 This is followed by strength building and toning exercises and the cool down and gentle stretching to finish.    

 Why Thai-Bo?
Attending our Thai-Bo instructors’ course offers you the opportunity to explore another side to fitness training, one that will allow you to teach martial arts techniques with emphasis on fitness while retaining a basic element of self-defence, and therefore attracting a wider range of prospective members.
 Whether you are starting a new fitness career or looking into gaining further qualifications in today’s competitive world of fitness training our Thai-Bo fitness program will help you achieve your full potential.
Thai-Bo is an excellent opportunity to fulfil your ambition and be part of this exciting fitness phenomenon.   

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2019 Course Dates:    31st March, 30th June, 20th October

Enrol now - £150 (inclusive of 1st year license)

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