A. Myatt - Owner at The Session Station

8th January 2017

"In the ever growing fitness industry, it's rare when such people stand out the way Darren has in his coaching. I've kept an eye on the way Darren deals with his clients, the way he lives and breathes passion for what he does and also the way he conscientiously deals with both the new starters up to the experienced athletes.

I've done this to learn and develop further in my coaching and also to be inspired into becoming a better version of myself too.

The fitness world needs more trainers and coaches like Darren. If that was the case, the fitness world and the health of the nation would dramatically increase."

R. Mullen - 5 star

21st December 2017

"Had got myself stuck in a rut effecting me both mentally and physically but eventually kicked my arse into gear and started 1-2-1s with Darren and couldn’t be happier with my results!"

G. Dimmick  – 5 star

2 February 2017

"Darren is amazing at what he does, he has put me at ease yet pushed me to do things i didn't think i could do. I would recommend this place to anyone.... after trying with other PT's he is definitely the best in the business!"


L. Brett  – 5 star

18 January 2017

"I've been training with Darren for 18 months now and I've never looked back! I've trained other places but struggled with back problems and knee problems after ACL surgery, causing constant injuries. Since training with Darren my back has never been better and my knee stronger! I am pushed to my limits in every single session which becomes addictive and does get results. I can't recommend Darren enough he knows his stuff plus its really good crack training up there"

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