Who is your inspiration??

March 27, 2017


Unfortunately, in today's society most people's training regimes are motivated by a desire to look like photos of celebrities or fitness models. Subsequently they set unrealistic goals of how they want to look, not realising that most of these people have had 'help' by way of photoshop and/or enhancement surgery!!


I get my motiviation from people like Richard Albone. Richard suffers from Cerebral Palsey and has trained with me for nearly 2 years. Initially our target was to ease the pain caused by extreme  Lordosis (curvature of the spine), an uncomfortable process which Richard tackled without complaint. Together, we have now built up enough Core strength and stability to both improve Richard's quality of life and allow us to focus on developing neurological pathways to the muscles through resistance training,


Richard never complains about training, is happy to take on new exercises, is always smiling and doesn't hide behind excuses! He is now performing movements that even his own Physiotherapist said he would never be able to complete! He is a great example of what can be achieved if you're motivated to challenge yourself in order to change yourself!



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