Health & Fitness Program: Options for Schools


Fit2The Core Training Systems Ltd provide professional coaching in all aspects of Health & Fitness. Our education program is available to schools and youth organisations either as a complete program or individual activities:

  • THAI-BO: A 1-hour fitness class based on the Martial Art of Thai Boxing where children are able to develop confidence, co-ordination and mental discipline as well as physical fitness in a safe, non-contact and fun environment. Sessions include technique training, body conditioning circuits and stretching exercises. (Licensed and insured through Thai-Bo Fitness Group).


  • SELF DEFENCE: A unique and effective system of self-defence and conflict management specifically designed to empower children, giving them the confidence to deal with situations both in and out of school. Practical techniques are aimed at developing an awareness and ability to defuse (increasingly) common issues. Children learn how to use their voice as well as ‘break away’ techniques to remove themselves from potentially dangerous situations. Sessions are taught in traditional style with an emphasis on mutual respect. (Sanctioned and insured through the Chung Do Kwan Society and British Muay Thai Association).


  • FOOTBALL COACHING: Fun and inclusive Football training sessions aimed at long-term player development and team building – designed to create good ‘people’ as well as good players. Delivered by a qualified FA and Licensed Coach.

  • FootyFit: Focusing on the physical side of Football - improve Speed, Agility and Endurance with Consett AFC 1st Team's Strength & Conditioning coach.


  • TAI CHI/CHI KUNG: Meditation and Breathing exercises accessible to everyone (including those unable to partake in conventional exercise) and proven to improve health and concentration. Popular within schools due to the calming and relaxing effect the sessions have on pupils (Qualified Practitioner as a Graduate Member of the British School of Yoga).


  • NUTRITION ADVICE: Educating children and young adults on the importance of adopting healthy eating habits and how to avoid the dangers of developing eating disorders and unrealistic body image. Children will learn how certain foods affect their body and how we use food as fuel (AfN Certified Nutrition Adviser, NCFE Level 2 Nutrition for Health and Advanced Sports Nutritionist).

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Prices: £45 per hour/£125 full day (10am-3pm)

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