• Darren

Staying fit, connected and sane during COVID-19

😢 I'm absolutely gutted to be writing this, but due to the government's announcement ordering Gyms to shut down, the studio will be closed until further notice. Whilst there has been no clear guidance on 1:1 facilities, I feel it would be irresponsible to continue to offer face to face sessions in the current climate.

😁 Now for some good news... Everyone can continue some normality with PT sessions delivered in the comfort of your own home! Through the medium of modern technology, I'll be right there with you ensuring you can still train safely and effectively via interactive video sessions. PLUS... I'll also be hosting 2 FREE Group sessions per week to ensure everyone has the opportunity to stay connected (virtually) and enjoy the usual craic with like-minded people. There'll be BWA and Thai-Bo sessions to choose from every week that we're closed. Hopefully we'll be able to make the most of a bad situation whilst staying safe, healthy and sane. Please get in touch

for your complete guide to getting set up online. Thanks


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