Support your fitness journey with guidance on healthy eating and hydration. Avoid the dangers of crash dieting and ensure you have the fuel you need to reach your maximum potential.

General Nutrition advice is included as part of your Personal Training package.


Specialist Nutrition is also available for:


  • Athletic Development - Learn how to 'Carb Cycle' effectively in preparation for competition. A 6-week program of nutrition and training intensities designed to ensure you have maximal energy for your event!

  • Metabolic Training - Discover how to hack into your metabolism through exercise and nutrition to build muscle and torch body fat!


All nutritional packages are designed by a qualified Advanced Sports & Exercise Nutritional Advisor and AfN certified Nutrition Advisor with an additional Level 2 'Nutrition and Health' qualification.

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Too Busy to prep Healthy Nutritious meals? Struggle to find variety when planning your diet or simply looking for great tasting food, whilst avoiding fads?

Fit2The Core Training Systems is pleased to be working in collaboration with Nosh HK - Durham to bring you a great choice of healthy pre-prepared meals (all can be frozen and cooked straight from the freezer!) Get 10 mains, 10 sides, 5 dips and a protein gift for just £59! Simply place your order by clicking the 'order' button and enter 'Darren Cutler FREE POPCORN' in the discount code box! 




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