Home made sports drink recipes

Hypotonic drinks are great for re-hydrating and quickly absorbed whereas Isotonic drinks provide carbs throughout your workout. Its up to you what type of hydration works best for you, but remember to count them towards your calorie intake:


Hypotonic (chill before using):

1) 20-40g Sucrose, 1 litre Warm Water, Sugar free squash (to taste).

2) 100ml Fruit Squash, 900ml Water, 1-1.5g (1/4 tsp) Salt

3) 250ml Fruit Juice, 750ml Water, 1-1.5g Salt


1) 40-80g Sucrose, 1Ltr Warm Water, 1-1.5g Salt, Sugar Free Squash

2) 200ml fruit squash, 800ml water, 1-1.5g salt

3) 500ml Fruit Juice, 500ml Water, 1-1.5g Salt

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