Fit2The Core Training Systems offer a great variety of group training designed to get the most out of every workout!!


Please check out our Group Sessions below - classes are limited to ensure every single participant maximises their potential whilst training safely!




Can't find a class that suits your lifestyle? All of our training methods are also available for private small group sessions (up to 5 people) which can be arranged to suit you. Please contact us for more information or book your session online.


............Or book in for one of the regular group training sessions.


The ultimate martial arts based work out - kick, punch, knee and elbow your way to the best shape of your life using a dynamic mix of anaerobic, callisthenic and Muay Thai based training methods.

Bodyweight Assault

The Ultimate High Intensity mix of calisthenic and plyometric exercises. Develop explosive power and muscular endurance while torching body fat!

...commonly referred to as Meta-fit on steroids - have you got what it takes!


Designed for Footballers, but suitable for any children looking to improve their fitness - studio based mix of resistance training, agility and cardiovascular exercise.

Please note that Elite Conditioning is a 4-week intensive program of group training - discover more here

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